Those who are refusing today,

will be desperate

to get me closer tomorrow!

~ Kingkor Ahsan


Kingkor Ahsan


“I believe Kingkor Ahsan is destined to be a maestro of Bengali literature,” said a well-known Bangladeshi poet and journalist. Kingkor Ahsan is not only a celebrated writer but also a prominent creative soul of Bangladesh. The only wish of this crazy man who has started a movement for books is that people should go to books again. He has so far published 13 books that have been well-accepted by the audience.


For his passion to writing, writer Kingkor Ahsan is acclaimed and revered not only around the country, but also in West Bengal. He was awarded the 'Mahasweta Devi Smarak' by the Banga Sanskriti Mancha in Kolkata, India. Kingkor Ahsan's book was the first to be adapted into an advertisement film in the country. The country's premier online media platform, Bongo BD, is adapting his book "Rangila Kitab" into a web series. Kingkor Ahsan toured book fairs across the country, beginning with the Ekushey Book Fair at Bangla Academy. He didn't simply work on books in Bangladesh and India; he also paid visit to Japan for attending Tokyo Book Fair. With the goal of conquering the world through his love for books, he collaborated with a numerous organization, from the University of Dhaka's IT Society to The Writers Association and received tremendous acceptance. On his Facebook page and group, he has over a million fans and followers. Kingkor Ahsan is a source of inspiration not just for his admirers and followers, but also for today's young writers. He strives to inspire the youth to read books and encourage a healthy practice of literature. He is heading forward with the goal of conquering the world through his passion for books.

Published Works


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